Can somebody help me please?

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Can somebody help me please?

Postby hismaimai9999 » Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:50 am

On FOFIX it's blurry, I tried screwing around with the resolution and it wont change anything... I had FOFIX installed before and it didn't happen but my PC recently got wiped and I just reinstalled it. Help me please!
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Re: Can somebody help me please?

Postby nobby76 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:25 pm

without knowing more information, it is kind of hard to actually give you a specific answer. But if your games graphics are not looking correct it will be either.. Something in your gfx settings, or your gfx drivers..

You said " I tried screwing with the resolution and it didnt do anything" Screwing with anything is not a good idea.. Logically changing one setting at a time to see what is different, is a good idea though.
You said " It didnt do anything" Do you mean the resolution didnt even change or did you mean the resolution changed but it made no difference, it was still blurry... If it didnt even change resolution, then it could be your gfx config file is set to Read only, not Write.. Find your config file, right click on it and check the properties, you should have READ ONLY and HIDDEN both unchecked...
If it was changing resolution but not making any difference to the blurriness, then change other settings in the gfx options (if there is other options)

Failing that.. Try updating your GFX drivers (although fofix is so old now any gfx drivers from the last 5 years or so should be good)

Failing that, i dunno ?? Maybe post your settings config so someone can read through it and they might spot something that could cause this.. Long shot but you never know.
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