adding audio intro?

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adding audio intro?

Postby 0vrk1ll » Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:02 pm

how would i add some audio to my frets the audio befor the acual song/notes start.......must be a way to dub in a few seconds befor the notes!........anyone?
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Re: adding audio intro?

Postby nobby76 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 7:40 pm

Same rules as fretting any other time. Add notes where you want them, dont add them where you dont.. If you dont want notes during an intro, then dont fret any.. If your intro is 5 seconds long, then your main song kicks in, don't fret anything until the 5 second mark.
If you mean "i have a song already fretted, but now i want to add some extra audio to the ogg file (at the start) but dont want to have to refret everything". You wouldnt have to, just load the notes into an editor and shift them the correct amount past the intro. Basically use your first note to resync all of your notes to the altered audio file, if you need to move your first note 12.3 seconds then you will need to move all of your notes by the same amount.

But what you CANNOT do is make music play and freeze the note track. The note track will always scroll as soon as the audio plays..

Don't think of it as trying to add an intro to the start of a song, think of it more like this is your regular audio, but the notes are all out of sync by xx seconds (however long your intro is) you need to shift them by that much to put them back in sync
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