Phase shift drums + Cubase Addictive drums

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Phase shift drums + Cubase Addictive drums

Postby raaiven » Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:02 am

Hey, is there a way to duplicate the MIDI signal so i can drum on phase shift while simultaneously getting sound from Addictive drums in Cubase 5?
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Re: Phase shift drums + Cubase Addictive drums

Postby Bulbasaruman » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:37 pm

Im using a usb audio interface with a midi in port and play with ezdrummers sounds with my electronic drum kit. Doubt it's possible on rock band/guitar hero drums.
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Re: Phase shift drums + Cubase Addictive drums

Postby nobby76 » Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:58 am

If you are using a regular elec drumkit that has either midi out or usb out then it can for sure do this.. its very easy to do. Just connect the drums to the pc, via a Midi-Usb cable/converter if it has midi ports on the back or if it has direct usb out, just plug that into the PC.

For your drumming app just make sure the midi note on your kit matches the same midi note in your drum app. E.g. If your drum app says kick drum is on B#2 then make sure in your drumkit settings the kick pad is set to B#2 or vice versa, (its probably easier actually to set the drum app inputs to the same outputs the kit has). Do the same for all pads to set the entire kit for your drumming app.
Then (im not 100% as i dont play the drum games anymore, i just play drums lol) for phase shift, it should just be a case of assigning the pads on the kit to the game controls from an options menu..
Then just make sure you are running both PS and the drum app at the same time..

On a RB/ GH drumkit it should be possible, but it might take some fiddling around to make it work..

We know the drumkits connect to a pc, because you can use them in PhaseShift, but not via the midi ports, those are midi IN not OUT. So they will have to connect to the pc via Wireless/Bluetooth (depending what console system they came from)
You can assign those pads in PS fairly easily (as far as i know) But when it comes to the drumming app this might get a little tricky..
A console drumkit is not really like a midi device its more like a standard joystick, it has button inputs and axis rather than midi notes.
Depending what DAW you are running your drum app in (nearly all the decent DAW's will allow this) you can assign/bind controls from almost any input device regardless if its midi based or button based to a command in the DAW.. A good example of this is Fruityloops. If you want to assign a joypad button to say... the record button (or a pad in a drum app) You click the pad in the drum app or the record button, then you click the controller connect button then you press a button on the joypad. It then binds that button to that pad in the app.. You will need to set up a controller connection for every pad on the kit (think of it like setting up the controls in PS you assign a button to a control, just this control is a particular pad in your drum app)

So now you have your console drumkit controls assigned in PS and you also now have all of your pads connected to your drum app via controller connections.. Run both the drum app and PS and you should find you get drum inputs in PS acting as a controller and you should get the sounds coming from your drum app as well.

A few things to bare in mind.. You might have to set the audio hardware in your DAW/drum app to Asio4all rather than standard speakers output, so it can process the sounds properly (and also let you set latency if you experience any sound breakup issues)
You may also find unless you are running a decent-ish computer that you may get stuttering and/or audio issues. You are running a realtime audio processing application (the drum app) and running a game which is also processing audio and displaying a fairly graphic-ey screen. So all that stuff going on could be quite taxing on a smaller system

But yeah it SHOULD technically be possible to have either a console drumkit or a proper elec drumkit controlling both programs..

Although i dont use it to control a music game, i do run my drumkit to my pc for recording. I have the Alesis strike Pro drumkit and i run that through a Tascam 16 input 8 output +midi and usb mixer. That allows me to input/record the midi notes themselves and record all 8 audio outputs from the drumkit as separate audio tracks (i can make drum multi tracks essentially)

Hope you get it all working.. Good luck.
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Re: Phase shift drums + Cubase Addictive drums

Postby Kurushi » Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:56 pm

I use Superior drummer 3 with Phase shift but without asio driver so no low latency.
I need to use Win ME or asio 4 all and i have 16 ms latency so its playable.

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