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EOF 1.8RC12 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

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Re: EOF 1.8RC12 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

Postby Temmie Flakes » Fri May 11, 2018 12:57 am

1.71 apparently still works -- let's see if I can make do with it for now. Thanks anyway!
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Re: EOF 1.8RC12 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

Postby raynebc » Tue May 22, 2018 3:22 am

New hotfix is up. Non pro guitar specific changes are as follows:
*Remapped the G shortcut key to "Edit>Grid snap>Custom". The "Edit>Grid snap>Off" function has the old toggle grid snap on/off logic and when toggled back on it will restore whatever grid snap was in use earlier in the EOF session when grid snap was last disabled.
*Improved the custom grid snap dialog by allowing the B or M keys to change the radio button to Beat or Measure without having to use the mouse or the tab key.
*Improved the rewind function (invoked by pressing R) to not seek to an invalid position if used before any chart playback has been performed in an EOF session, as well as ignoring the R shortcut if the Windows key is being held (ie. opening the Run box while EOF is in the foreground).
*Improved the "Create Image Sequence" to offer to export images for the specified portion of the chart if the start and end points are defined from the functions in the Edit menu. You can combine this with the "File>Export audio range" function to export the matching portion of the chart audio.
*Fixed a bug where pressing and releasing the ALT key would cause keyboard input to be dropped until certain things occurred such as pressing Esc or moving the mouse.
*Added a Genre field to the Song Properties dialog. The genre is automatically obtained during chart creation if it is defined within the selected MP3 or OGG audio file. If your project defined the genre in "Song>INI settings", make sure to remove it when defining it in Song Properties or it could get written to song.ini more than once during save.
*Assigned the ALT+C and ALT+D shortcuts to "Conditional select" and "Conditional Deselect".
*Added a "File>Display>3D preview>Set camera angle" function to allow you to change the 3D camera angle without the use of the backslash key.
*Fixed a bug with two macros used in the Note Counts panel that could cause a crash if the panel is being displayed when tech view is enabled.
*Fixed a bug where having the Notes panel displayed while opening and closing the preferences dialog could cause EOF to crash.
*Added selection functions that apply to open notes and non open notes.
*Changed the start/end point marking to not draw on top of (and conceal) slider section markers.
*Fixed a Feedback import bug where the "N 5 #" toggle HOPO marker handling may not be handled correctly for an instrument track with multiple difficulties.
*Added a "Don't warn about INI differences" import preference that will not warn about differences between the song.ini file and the project's song properties/INI settings when the project is loaded and will import the INI file's changes without asking.
*Added the CTRL+Numpad- and CTRL+Numpad+ keyboard shortcuts to lower and raise the 3D preview speed (defined in "Edit>Preview Speed"), giving the ability to zoom in/out the 3D preview similarly to the piano roll.
*Corrected the 3D rendering of slider notes in GHL tracks.
*Moved the note seek functions into a "Song>Seek>Note>" submenu.
*Added a Song>Seek>Timestamp function that will seek to the specified time. Accepted time formatting includes: # for milliseconds, #.# for seconds, #:#.s for minutes and seconds, #ms for milliseconds, #s for seconds, #m for minutes or valid combinations of any of those such as #:, #:#s#ms, #m#ms, #m#.#, #.#s, #ms#:#, etc. Any fractional second that has more than 3 digits after the period (ie. #.####) are not valid and are ignored. Any timestamp where the same time format is used multiple times (ie. 1:2s3s or 1s1:5) are not valid and are ignored.
*Fixed a Feedback import bug where if the "Disable automatic backups" preference was enabled, the save function would not work until "Save as" was used at least once.
*Improved error handling so that if unsaved changes fail to quick save during exit, EOF will offer to cancel exiting the program.
*Added keyboard shortcuts to change the 3D preview's maximum depth (ALT+numpad minus, ALT+numpad plus), controlling how much of the chart is drawn in the 3D preview panel. The %3D_MAX_DEPTH% expansion macro was added to print the current value of this setting.
*Added a "File>Display>3D preview>Full height" function that allows the 3D preview panel to take up the entire height of the EOF window. If the secondary piano roll and full height 3D preview are both active at the same time, the 3D preview is not hidden.

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