RF-mod-4 Final - For current RF-mod-4 information

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RF-mod-4 Final - For current RF-mod-4 information

Postby Rogue_F » Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:22 pm

When downlading RF-Mod, please avoid using LRC2FOF.exe. You can find this file in "/contrib/lyrics/". Some Antivirus reported the file as a trojan, it is not associated in any way with the RF-Mod but is only a "third-party" contribution. It is safer to stay away from this file (or simply delete it)

It's that time again

A quick history lesson

RF-mod-0 downloads: 416
RF-mod-1 (1.0-1.5) downloads: 14697
RF-mod-2 downloads: 29674
RF-mod-3 downloads 33145
RF-mod-4 (beta) downloads: 7783


. This mod is for FoF v1.2.451 ONLY.

. This mod is a full playable release. You don't have to deal with library.zip or anything else.

. This mod has full source included. If you don't like stuff, change it yourself.

. Delete your old fretsonfire.ini! Lots of things have changed inbetween FoF-1.1.X and FoF-1.2.X. Also things have changed in RF-mod. If you want everything to work right, delete your fretsonfire.ini and start fresh.

. This thread is LOCKED only informational stuff is posted here by me. If you want to talk about RF-mod use this thread

Watch this space as it may change over time
The current latest version: 4.15

You can download it here for win32

You can download it here for linux32

Linux binaries 64 bit binaries are not available. Hopefully someone will step up and compile them for linux 64 and I can update the post.

RF-mod-4 was supposed to just be a port of RF-mod-3.5 from FoF-1.1.324 to FoF-1.2.451. And this is mostly true. But I have included some other goodies along the way.

The standard RF-mod features you get (look at RF-mod-README.txt for full details):

GHII multi part tracks
Multi player split screen
Multi player part mode
Much better HOPO
2 fret only chords
Song Timer

Additional song.ini items
New note/key graphics handling
Memory cleanups
Green stars for 100%
Improved theme.ini support
VBPM toggles
Support for preview.ogg, and missing guitar.ogg
Many performance enchancements and toggles
Many configurable items

And as for the new stuff you get:

Code: Select all

Full support (and inclusion of) Raph's GH theme
Capo's hit flames
YMS lyrics display

These mods are slightly different than the originals to make them all work together. Please see the RF-mod-examples.txt for full details on the variables and how they work

I wanted to thank some people (if you go to the credits menu item you will see them there too)

Raph666 - Allowing me to integrate the GH mod changes and include the GH Theme
YMS - Allowing me to integrate the lyrics mod
Capo - Allowing me to integrate most of C-mod
Kokooz - Fixing the models for use with 1.2.X
FoZZ - Providing the original models

Version 4.11 fixes

Jumpy neck skin
Command line start
Editor Crash
Player 2 part/difficulty memory
HOPO fudge bug
Note after last HOPO bug

Version 4.11 features

Command line Difficulty selection
Command line Part selection
Song name in part/difficulty selection

Version 4.12 fixes

Fixed 2 note chord bug in American idiot
Fixed bug in HOPO marking when lyrics are displayed
Fixed bug in HOPO marking when playing multiple times
Fixed bug in HOPO during party mode
Fixed player2 remembering what options were selected
Fixed volume lowering under certain circumstances
Fixed key jump to not be US keyboard specific
Fixed search key to not be US keyboard specific
Added fix for problem of non ascii songs and folders

Version 4.12 features

Base song library selector
High score entry using fret keys and pick
Configurable party mode timer
Configurable search key
Default keys for player2 changed.
New HOPO style which plays better

The base song library selector is pretty neat.

During the install do NOT move your song directory into the data directory. Just try to play and it will prompt you to find your song dir. Please read the readme.txt for more details.

There is one limitation is the base library selector only works on the same drive. If you edit the base_library = variable directly (like with previous versions) you can use a different drive, or even a network share.


Version 4.13

Never released publicly

Version 4.14 fixes

Linux crash fixes
Not playing notes from start bug (zelurker)
2note chord bug with FoF keystyle
RFmod2 HOPO style fixes
Volume setting honors settings
Lots of HOPO fixes for 170 delta
HOPO fix for held notes (Capo)
Cheater splash less annoying
Fixed Crash after song ends
Fixed BPM not resetting
lots of 2note chord fixes
Song selection menu will now let you choose other drives
Updated world chart URL
fretsonfire.ini default changes (IMPORTANT TO READ BELOW)

Version 4.14 features

High scores now keep track of %age, longest streak, and options used
High scores now upload bass/rhythm/lead parts
High scores now upload extended score info
Changed HOPO delta from 161 to 170
Added a command line flag to dump debug information when having trouble
Added a command line flag to use an alternate fretsonfire.ini
Added a command line flag to reset the fretsonfire.ini

Version 4.15 Fixes
It's actually version 4.15!

Important version 4.15 notes

Because I changed the values of some of the ini variables meanings (to match the defaults) you MUST re select these options to what you want them to be. Or you can reset your ini and start over with the new correct values.

The main ones that are affected are HOPO on/off settings, HOPO markings, and HOPO keystyle

I have updated some FAQ questions and moved the FAQ to the RF-mod FOF Wiki page

The search key question and a new question about displaying non ascii characters was added

Lastly since this thread is locked, please use the discussion thread

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Postby Rogue_F » Tue Dec 25, 2007 3:55 pm

Use the discussion thread


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