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Postby raph666 » Mon Apr 07, 2008 10:23 pm

I know some people still use version 1.1.324 with the RF-mod 3.5 despite the new flashy mods available so, inspired from the other launchers, I made this form that will let you select a song or let you play a random song from any song library.
It is easy to install: download the file, extract the folder somewhere on your computer, run the executable.

It requires RF-mod 3.5 (or higher) and works with capo's mod 4 as well.
However it will not work with Hering mod as this mod does not like to be sent the -p parameter.
There is a small help box in the launcher but here is it's content:

1) Click on "FretsOnFire.exe" and browse to your FretsOnFire.exe
2) Click on "Song Library" and browse to your song library
3) Select a song and click "Play" or alternatively click "Random" to launch a random song

Q1) The application freeze when I select my song library.
A1) Just be patient, it is scanning through all your folders and through all your song.ini files. After scanning you'll get control back

Q2) Can I select difficulty level?
A2) No.

Q3) Why?
A3) Difficulty parameter was implemented only in later versions (4.1x) of RFmod

Q4) So, what difficulty am I playing?
A4) It depends of how the difficulty names are defined in the song's notes.mid but it will usually play at the highest difficulty level.[/size]

So as you see, it doesn't offer much control but can do the "job" if you're mainly playing Amazing which is the case for many of us I believe. Download by clicking on the picture
I believe the application might crash if you're using a theme/style manager like StyleXP but I'm not sure about that. I might try to fix it but the number of players using 1.1.324 must be getting lower each day so it might not worth it. If you experience any bugs let me know and we'll see.
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Postby Kotti » Wed Apr 09, 2008 7:44 am

Thanks! I need to either somehow uninstall Hering or install other mods again, but it's worth it. I never used Hering anyway. After trying this out a few times, I realized what a huge amount of crappy songs I had :p .
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Re: RF-mod 3.5 Song Launcher and Randomizer - for people stuck i

Postby mikey288 » Wed Jul 29, 2009 3:35 am


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