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Re: Online Multiplayer

Postby Asskickulater » Mon Dec 03, 2012 1:23 pm

amak11 wrote:
Knucklesiscool wrote:
wolf8265 wrote:yea but...phase shift...kinda*cough*REALLY*cough* sucks just sayin :/

what your coughing are you sick.

Everyone has opinions, no need to start assuming they have a cold. ;)
On the other hand if he does, he should take something :P

but what if he has fluid in his lungs?
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Re: Online Multiplayer

Postby amak11 » Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:47 pm

Then we must save him!

now to let topic die again
Disclaimer: If you take the above text seriously, then you are an even greater idiot then I


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<@away_xbox> Looks like it's your lucky day Amak11 >:) Since i don't see Amak here ill choose somebody else....
* @away_xbox straps 15 sticks of TNT to Amak11's body. The display reads [58] seconds.
<@away_xbox> Diffuse the timer by cutting the correct wire. There are 14 wires. They are Green White Peenus Indigo Black Gold Grey Brown Violet Turquoise Teal Magenta Mauve and Yellow.
<Amak11> oh really
<Belisario93> hmm
<Amak11> !cutwire Peenus
<@away_xbox> ...snip....
<@away_xbox> Amak11 cut the Peenus wire. This has defused the timer on the TNT! Just try and get it off you without setting it off, ok?

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