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Re: FoFiX Development IRC - Come and talk to us!

Postby fuzion » Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:48 am

Just a reminder for Mibbit users:

Use '/nick yournamehere' when you join. Chatting with mib_rand is no fun, and confusing if you leave and come back later with a new nick.
If you use come to the channel more than once, it's probably a good idea (and convenient for you) to install/use a desktop IRC client.

I'm partial to Irssi, Quassel, and recently Smuxi. All three have binary packages for major Linux distros as well as Mac ports and Windows installers.

I highly recommend Smuxi for first time users because it's super simple and automatically connects to OFTC (the network hosting #fofix). All you have to do is install it and /join #fofix

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