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Postby jstump91 » Sun Jun 14, 2009 11:21 pm

Since I have had to lock far too many threads lately asking simple questions about vocals and microphone setup, any thread whose only purpose is to ask something delineated in this post will be summarily locked with a terse reply linking to this post.

  • Vocal support came about after 3.120 beta 1 was released, so it's only available if you are running from svn or at least 3.120 beta 2.

  • The undocumented mic_features_enabled option formerly required to activate microphone features has been removed. There is no need to set that option anymore to access microphone features.

  • Make sure you have pyaudio if the controller options menu will not let you create a controller of type "Microphone" - approximately the first line of your logfile will say you are missing it too.

  • Ensure the theme you are using contains the correct graphics to support vocals. If a vocals folder is present in the theme folder, you're all set.

  • Microphones are currently only enabled for single-player mode and RB co-op mode. They will show up as "Disabled Controller" in other modes.

  • If you set the pitch analyzer to pypitch and you get crashes, be sure pypitch is at least r9 (uploaded to mediafire June 16, 2009). r7 (the version used with the original vocal code) is not compatible.

  • Any microphone that your computer can record from will work with the vocal functionality. This includes the Guitar Hero: World Tour, Rock Band 1, and Rock Band 2 microphones.
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