[GH3] BlueChaoz's Texture Mods >>[Added Phase Shift Notes]

Discussion specific to other music games, like: RB, GH, GZ, JamLegend, SoS, etc.
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[GH3] BlueChaoz's Texture Mods >>[Added Phase Shift Notes]

Postby BlueChaoz » Wed Aug 31, 2016 1:46 am

**To download, click on a note image and it will collapse with more info

[GH3 Custom Textures]

Timelapse + Gameplay Video

No Video Preview Yet
Found these in an old theme I had, they were suppose to be 3D notes for FoFix but never looked too good ingame,
so I rendered them for use in GH3 xd

Gameplay Video


Gameplay Video

basically just rendered these for use in gh3, they are knapmans, as well as the 3D gh notes? i have no idea, but i wouldnt doubt it


[GHWT Custom Textures]

I will be posting more stuff

Plumato's Rhythm Gaming Discord
I'm active on this discord, @BlueChaoz in there if you wana get my attention lol

I wanted to organize my stuff so im making a post on these forums hehe
I didnt really want to add more stuff on my old GH3 mods post
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