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Postby Rogue_F » Tue Dec 25, 2007 4:28 pm


Some of you might recognize my name Rogue_F, or Alex. I'm the guy responsible for RF-mod. A fun project that I started a bit over a year ago because I discovered a fun game called Frets On Fire and had begun to play it. Unfortunately it didn't do all the things I would have liked. Fortunately for me it's an open source game and I could make it do whatever I wanted.

And so I did. I'd released about 15 different versions (and internally had probably over 30) of additions to Frets On Fire that I called RF-mod. In fact i've just released a version right now. But it's the 2nd to the last version I will be releasing.

I am going to be working on a new project. I've already contacted the authors and they have made me the active developer. What is the project? Well it's Frets On Fire of course. Duh.

I'm now handling the development of Frets On Fire moving forward. The UV guys are looking at other projects and don't have as much time to spend on FoF as they would like. Apparently I do.

After the next release (hopefully shortly) of RF-mod I'm going to be working on integrating stuff into the main Frets On Fire branch. This will hopefully mean fixing a lot of the problems in the current version that I was going to fix with RF-mod-5.

That being said, not everything will be the same. A lot of things I did in RF-mod were to provide easy porting and backward compatibility with stock FoF. Also there's a number of copyright issues we'd like to avoid so some things might be re named, or not necessarily included in the direct FoF distribution.

I do hope that I can improve things overall and get some more regular releases going for everyone. I also hope that I can add some stuff that will support the community, in the form of easier to do code mods, and graphic mods, and themes.

In addition I've also taken over the world charts (which you may or may not have already noticed). I have some plans for some new features there as well.

A lot of stuff is on the horizon. It's going to be a lot of work to do it all. As always I will be looking to the community for help as I have with RF-mod.

I'm sure I'll leave something out that will make someone unhappy. But the people who are happy,'s all for you, man.

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Postby BlackFate » Thu Dec 27, 2007 4:46 am

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