RB4 Drum Kit not impossible? Opinions PLEASE :)

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RB4 Drum Kit not impossible? Opinions PLEASE :)

Postby gyates08 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:14 am

This is late for me so I will be short and add to this later. I recently bought a Rock Band 4 drum kit for Xbox One after I trashed my third Rock Band 1 kit and came to the frustrating realization that nothing works with this kit on a computer. I tried linux, which I am more familiar with, and windows. Different releases of FoFiX and Phase Shift, nothing. While doing some digging to figure out where the input was getting lost, I learned that I can read the values from hidraw in Ubuntu, which this drum kit shows up for me as (hidraw3 to be specific). A few beers and some intense googling later, i stumbled upon this:


Now if I understand this correctly, we could map the raw values to key codes, which the games could then read as drum pads. This seems like a pretty round-a-bout way to accomplish this, but not impossible. I have tried to find patterns in the raw usb values for the individual actions such as pressing and releasing a button, however this is where I get confused. Possibly because I didn't think to write anything down. I know very little about usb, but am competent enough in bash and can read some C++ with enough time, however I'm not too well off in the writing aspect. This is where i would like some other people to help me. Obviously I want to play my shiny new toy kit, but I would love to give this to the community at large more.

I said "we" up above because this would be a bit of work but not impossible and, at least for this particular method, not as difficult as writing a driver. Anyone who thinks they know a thing or two about this or knows a friend, I would greatly appreciate your info or sending them this way.

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